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Rack and Pole Mounted

If your home has many dormers, hips, and valleys, skylights, shading, or just not enough usable area, we recommend ground mounts. Across the yard or meadow, concealed by landscaping or location, ground mounted systems are a favorite for us. We drill helical posts into the ground so there is minimal soil disturbance, and rake and seed when we are done. We are thoughtful and respectful of your property, and practicing our belief of treading lightly.

Roof mount systems are the most ubiquitous type of solar system installation. Most residential roofs are sloped and have asphalt shingles. There are still many choices: USA vs Foreign-made products, increased efficiency modules, all-black modules, even solar shingles, and metal roofing material. Each one will have cost and efficiency differences. At SunPower, we recommend the system that is the best fit for your project rather than pushing just the brand that we sell.

We build pergolas with translucent modules to allow filtered light onto your deck, patio, or pool and window awnings that will absorb the summer sun and let the winter sun penetrate.

We installed our first battery system in 2004. Since then we have installed many systems. We almost always recommend a “priority loads” panel. This will keep your most important electrical devices running for 8-12 hours. Usually, this panel will have your kitchen and appliances, your heater motor, internet, some receptacles and lighting, and a sump or well pump. This will keep you safe and warm overnight until your solar system starts recharging at sunrise. Battery technology has improved dramatically. You can store hours of energy reliably, with no gas-pipes, no fossil fuel, no moving parts, no noisy motors running.

Solar Homes and Renovations

These homes go the next step in energy efficiency and comfort.  From super-insulation, daylighting, energy-efficient appliances and lighting, to active and passive solar systems for everything from space heating, water heating, and power generation, these homes cost little to heat and operate, and are quiet and bright to live in.

Solar carports and Charging Stations


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