Solar Roof Mounts

Roof mount systems are the most ubiquitous type of solar system installation. Most residential roofs are sloped and have asphalt shingles. There are still many choices: USA vs Foreign-made products, increased efficiency modules, all-black modules, even solar shingles, and metal roofing material. Each one will have cost and efficiency differences. At SunPower, we recommend the system that is the best fit for your project rather than pushing just the brand that we sell.

SunPower Builders

PA’S ORIGINAL SOLAR COMPANY AND GREEN BUILDING EXPERTS, is a Philadelphia-area design-build firm that has worked in the solar and residential construction industries since 1972. We specialize in farmhouse renovations, solar homes, historic restorations and residential remodeling. Our unparalleled experience in design and construction guarantees a great experience and quality project.

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