Solar Roof Mounts

Roof mount systems are the most ubiquitous type of solar system installation. Most residential roofs are sloped and have asphalt shingles. There are still many choices: USA vs Foreign-made products, increased efficiency modules, all-black modules, even solar shingles, and metal roofing material. Each one will have cost and efficiency differences. At SunPower, we recommend the system that is the best fit for your project rather than pushing just the brand that we sell.

We think solar is beautiful, but not everyone does. We always consider the aesthetics and architecture of your home or building, as well as function. We offer many alternatives and options.

For over 45 years, SunPower Builders has been committed to the Solar Energy Industry.

Founded in 1972, we are the original solar company based in Pennsylvania.

We have installed approximately 200 Solar Energy Systems within 20 miles of our offices in Collegeville, Pa.

Our systems are accurately designed for your specific location, look good, are built to last, and almost always produce higher than expected levels.

We provide the best combination of cost and longevity:

We care about the quality of our product, from workmanship to materials.

Our systems are well-built at a fair price.

We use only USA modules, racking, and EU-made central inverters: Better quality materials may cost a bit more, but for a 25 to 50-year investment, they are the better value.

Our ground mount installations are welded, not just bolted, we drill helical posts into 4-5’ into the ground for greater pull-out strength. and we do not have to excavate in your yard.

We care about the aesthetics, such as recommending a ground mount vs roof, keeping it at a low profile, and protecting and restoring your property.

There is no one that does a better job, has more than 200 installations within 25 miles, and has zero service calls for faulty workmanship or materials.

Our prices aren’t the cheapest, that’s not who we are, rather we consider ourselves the best value for your dollar.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call at any time.

Solar carports and Charging Stations

Solar Homes and Renovations

These homes go the next step in energy efficiency and comfort.  From super-insulation, daylighting, energy-efficient appliances and lighting, to active and passive solar systems for everything from space heating, water heating, and power generation, these homes cost little to heat and operate, and are quiet and bright to live in.

SunPower Builders

PA’S ORIGINAL SOLAR COMPANY AND GREEN BUILDING EXPERTS, is a Philadelphia-area design-build firm that has worked in the solar and residential construction industries since 1972. We specialize in farmhouse renovations, solar homes, historic restorations and residential remodeling. Our unparalleled experience in design and construction guarantees a great experience and quality project.

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