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Additions and Renovations

Sunpower Builders has a diverse array of projects in this category, all with the common thread of attention to detail.  From the ground up: a good foundation and accurate framing ease us into fine trim details and handmade products.  Just as tight joints end up with a perfect trim fit, tight framing, air sealing, and super-insulation result in an energy-efficient building envelope, one of our trademarks. Often these buildings will use less energy when we are finished, even with all the additional square footage.

Remodeling and Interiors

We live differently in our houses today.  Open floor plans allow kitchens to flow into eating ad living areas.  Entertainment and A/V centers, custom millwork, and lots of storage are always considerations.  In some cases, good space planning and attention to traffic flow do more to improve functionality and comfort than adding square footage.

Solar Homes and Renovations

These homes go the next step in energy efficiency and comfort.  From super-insulation, daylighting, energy-efficient appliances and lighting, to active and passive solar systems for everything from space heating, water heating, and power generation, these homes cost little to heat and operate, and are quiet and bright to live in.

SunPower Builders

PA’S ORIGINAL SOLAR COMPANY AND GREEN BUILDING EXPERTS, is a Philadelphia-area design-build firm that has worked in the solar and residential construction industries since 1972. We specialize in farmhouse renovations, solar homes, historic restorations and residential remodeling. Our unparalleled experience in design and construction guarantees a great experience and quality project.

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SunPower Builders