Battery Backup Systems and Storage

We installed our first battery system in 2004. Since then we have installed many systems. We almost always recommend a “priority loads” panel. This will keep your most important electrical devices running for 8-12 hours. Usually, this panel will have your kitchen and appliances, your heater motor, internet, some receptacles and lighting, and a sump or well pump. This will keep you safe and warm overnight until your solar system starts recharging at sunrise. Battery technology has improved dramatically. You can store hours of energy reliably, with no gas-pipes, no fossil fuel, no moving parts, no noisy motors running.

We think solar is beautiful, but not everyone does. We always consider the aesthetics and architecture of your home or building, as well as function. We offer many alternatives and options.

SunPower Builders

PA’S ORIGINAL SOLAR COMPANY AND GREEN BUILDING EXPERTS, is a Philadelphia-area design-build firm that has worked in the solar and residential construction industries since 1972. We specialize in farmhouse renovations, solar homes, historic restorations and residential remodeling. Our unparalleled experience in design and construction guarantees a great experience and quality project.

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