Eco-logical Deep Green Home

Timber-framed, Daylit, Super-insulated, Colorful and Solar Radiant Floors  

The aim of this project was to enlarge the existing residence while incorporating solar and energy-efficient building techniques along with natural, non-toxic materials. SunPower Builders expanded the existing living space out of its existing foundations to add a home office and timber framed living room addition. Utilizing the home’s existing solar exposure, SunPower Builder's design maximized available daylight with carefully placed openings in the structure.
On the south facing walls, long stretches of glass produce passive solar gain and allow daylight to penetrate deep into the house. An active solar water heating system is used for hot water as well as for heating and/or preheating the radiant floor system. Super insulation and air sealing, in addition to collaboration with the owner’s creative eye for color and interior details, make this unique home comfortable and very energy efficient.