Chanticleer 2009 & Today

In 2009, we were fortunate to be selected for Renovations to the Chanticleer Mansion, including the Restoration of the Main Courtyard and Entry, an outdoor sitting room/porch, and a small Carriage House. Renown Chester County Architect and Historian John Milner did the research and design, and we at SunPower Builders did the Restoration. The Entry and Courtyard included a circular “driveway” with cobblestone walkways and iron gates. The years of changes to the house entry were peeled away to reveal its original configuration and dignity. The work included new steps, an arched portico with a copper roof, a massive replica door, and hardware with custom millwork and trim. The work on the 3 season porch included bracing the original structure while we removed portions of walls that had infilled the original arches, which we then made structurally sound and rebuilt. A masonry and fireplace, brick sills, and details along with cut bluestone floor, patio, and pathways completed the restoration perfectly. Additionally, there was extensive surface water management, drainage, and bed preparation. Today, the amazing gardeners of Chanticleer have created gardens that make this historic building an integrated feature of the landscape and gardens at Chanticleer.