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SunPower Builders, PA’s original solar and green building experts, is a Philadelphia-area design-build firm that has worked in the solar and residential construction industries since 1972. We specialize in farmhouse renovations, solar homes, historic restoration, and residential remodeling. Our unparalleled experience in design and construction guarantees a great experience and quality project.

We think solar is beautiful, but not everyone does. We always consider the aesthetics and architecture of your home or building, as well as function. We offer many alternatives and options. For over 50 years, SunPower Builders has been committed to the Solar Energy IndustryFounded in 1972,  we have installed approximately 500 Solar Energy Systems within 20 miles of our offices in Collegeville, Pa. Our systems are accurately designed for your specific location, look great, and are built to last. We provide the best combination of cost and longevity: We care about the quality of our product, from workmanship to materials. Our systems are well-built at a fair price.

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Community Engagement

Solar power project in Togo, Kpalime Africa
Kpalime, Togo

Making An Impact

SunPower Builders takes pride in our community engagement, from educational involvement with local schools to providing power to Botswana, Africa,  using local resources to construct a solar-powered system with the members of the community, to scientific research stations, microfinance banks, and training local residents to build and repair systems in Kpalime, Togo.

SunPower Builders and its partner organization SunPower Afrique, aim, through the growth of a US-based solar company, to reduce poverty in Togo, West Africa, by connecting Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), their clients, and other infrastructure to solar energy systems. These projects will create jobs on both sides of the ocean, a US-based supply chain and training network sending American-made products and goodwill overseas, with the opportunity to implement our larger mission: create a successful and tangible example of how an alternative energy industry (solar) can be established in developing economies, reducing poverty, raising the quality of life, and boosting community and economic development. SunPower Afrique, Inc., a startup 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and SunPower Builders, a Pennsylvania-based solar design-build firm that has been working in the field since 1972, aim, primarily, to connect Togolese MFIs and their small business clients to a reliable and renewable source of energy to combat the country’s energy crisis, and to create jobs, promote the use of renewable energy, and grow the green economy in both the United States and in West Africa.  This business model, a for-profit business supporting a non-profit organization, will contribute to our longstanding mission to create an interconnected and sustainable world.
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