Solar, EcoLogical  and Green Building

SunPower has been a leader
in the field of energy efficient design and construction for over thirty years. Our solar homes go the next step in energy efficiency and comfort.  Utilizing the most up-to-date technology, SunPower provides services from super-insulation, day lighting and the use of energy efficient appliances and lighting to both active and passive solar systems.  These innovations can be applied to many aspects of your project, from intuitive, energy-efficient design to space heating, water heating and electricity generation. 

SunPower understands that we all live differently in our homes today and tailor our designs to facilitate modern lifestyles.  Open floor plans allow kitchens to flow into eating and living areas.  Space planning and attention to traffic flow can do more to improve functionality and comfort than adding square footage.   In our increasingly expensive world and lifestyles, these homes cost little to heat, cool and operate.  They are quiet, bright and alive spaces.  

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