SunPower's Solar-Powered Headquarters

Residential & Commercial

Type of System: Ground-Mounted PV

Size of System: 9.6 kW

Manufacturer: GE

Funding Received: Sustainable Development Fund grant, Federal Tax Credit

Additional Information:  Jon Costanza’s home and SunPower’s solar-powered office represent Jon’s and SunPower’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible energy use.  The property has been on the National Tour of Solar Homes and the NESEA Green Buildings Tour for decades, and features not only the active PV shown here but other active solar systems and green building techniques including:

• Geothermal Heat Pump
• Passive Solar Design
• Solar Water Heating
• Solar Pool Heating
• Energy efficient lighting and appliances
• Superinsulation (soy-based spray foam, ranging from R40-R60) and Sealed Building Envelope
• Stormwater and graywater systems











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