Chanticleer was the estate of Christine and Adolph Rosengarten, Sr. Mr. Rosengarten was head of the pharmaceutical company Rosengarten and Sons.  Situated in Wayne, PA, Chanticleer's grounds are now open to the public for viewing of its magnificent gardens and as a horticultural center. SunPower Builders restored portions of the original Chanticleer mansion in 2 phases in the late 1990s.  Phase One of the project included restoration of the porch/veranda, driveway, courtyard and entrance, while Phase Two focused on repairs and renovations to the carriage house.

The mansion required certain modifications to facilitate its new use as a public garden and horticultural center. This included renovation of the porch/veranda to its original grandeur, including arched masonry openings, bluestone floors, and an active fireplace. The courtyard, driveway and building entrance were reconfigured to accommodate vehicular traffic while retaining their original style.






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