The residence of Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg, a prominent figure in the Revolutionary War and considered to be the patriarch of the Lutheran Church in the United States, was restored to the period of 1776, when Muhlenberg and his family resided there.

Following extensive research completed by John Milner Architects and the Trappe Historical Society, from sources including the structure itself and Muhlenberg's diaries, the building was restored with such painstaking detail that if Reverend Muhlenberg walked back through the door, he would think he was just returning home from a day's work.

The building was gutted and a third floor, which had been added during the 19th century, was removed. The original roofline was restored using traditional timber framing techniques and window and door openings were rebuilt to original sizes. Masonry repairs and re-pointing required analysis of the original mortar for exact duplication and the restoration of 6 massive fireplaces to working condition required over 30 tons of stone. The original recipe for the lime-based, horsehair plaster was re-created and installed over hand-split wood lath. Flooring, millwork and hardware were all custom replicated to their 1754 condition, according to the architects’ specifications.

Due to the priority of historical accuracy on this project, it was considered almost impossible to incorporate energy efficient features into the job.  However, thanks to the open minds of the architects and the historical society, we introduced geothermal heat pumps for heating and air conditioning.

The Muhlenburg house is open to the public as a museum and for educational purposes.  Please contact the Trappe Historical Society for details:














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