With more than four decades of visionary achievement and experience, Sunpower Builders offers an unparalleled scope of services by blending the art of historic preservation and energy conservation. Our projects unify traditional architecture and construction techniques with energy efficiency and responsible, informed design. Jon Costanza, the company's founder and president states: "There is a common thread between historic and solar homes: use of good craftsmanship and a healthy dose of common sense.” In this way, Sunpower Builders lays claim to its motto: "Preservationists of Yesteryear and Tomorrow".

People are often mystified by our idea of merging historic building techniques with contemporary technology. What many don't realize is that so many of our 'modern' concepts have been adapted from our ancestors. Sustainable building techniques are not necessarily new, and many aren't even technologically advanced. Ecologically-sound building is practical and resourceful, and throughout history many have relied on it as means of survival.

Today, society has fashioned the term ‘green’ for these methods of design and construction.  SunPower Builders has been building ‘green’ since it was black and white.  Every job is an opportunity to provide a well-crafted, energy-efficient solution while creating new friendships and encouraging, by example, a greener future for our children’s’ children’s’ children.

Sunpower Builders consistently produces ecologically built structures without visible evidence of the energy saving features. The buildings we design and/or build will use less energy upon completion regardless of square footage. Additional square footage should not have to increase the energy use of a building. In fact, we’ve been known to double the size of a home while reducing heating and cooling loads and improving indoor comfort. We blend super-insulation and other passive solar techniques to create near-zero energy homes and apply the common sense and indigenous materials as used by our forbearers.

Needless to say, SunPower walks this talk everyday. From start to finish, in everything that we do, we are conscientious about our impact on the environment. For instance, our jobs often utilize salvaged and antique materials. These unique elements authenticate our work and promote sustainability by furthering the concept of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.” Jobsite recycling, supporting local businesses and suppliers, and reducing our carbon footprint are extremely important to our company. Furthermore, we constantly continue our education in order to stay informed about innovations in the building and design industries.

Now in our fourth decade of serving the Delaware Valley, we strive for excellence with everlasting dedication to quality, integrity and craftsmanship. We are helping people design and build the beautiful, efficient homes they always dreamed of while helping create a more sustainable future one project at a time.